While You Were Sleeping: Girl Swears Twice On Live TV

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Natasha AlamNatasha Alam, the latest actress to join the growing cast of "True Blood," is going to be the first to pose for Playboy.

This absolutely ridiculous video of "He-Man" singing a remixed 4 Non Blondes song amuses me to no end.

YouTube and NPR will broadcast parts of Bonnaroo live… if you don’t feel like enduring having to drive to a remote part of Tennessee.

Lindsay Lohan & Donald Trump — it’s a ratings bonanza (at least for one episode) and Lohan gets a chance to show she has more than half a brain.

Speaking of annoying Lohan people, Michael’s new nightclub venture is in big trouble already.

Oh yeah, about that oil spill? You know how we gave you a figure on how much oil was spilling into the gulf. Uh, yeah, the real figures are pretty much double what we originally said. Kthx, BP.

"Yuma Arizona’s Mayor Al Krieger made offensive remarks at a Memorial Day event suggesting gay people are effeminate and weak and asserted that gay servicemembers can never do what tough veterans have done in the past." Of course, Mayor Al never had the guts to serve his country, we’re sure…

And a 13-year-old girl, strangely on TV even though she’s involved in an attempted murder case, said the word "cunt" twice in an appearance on "The Today Show."