Conan And Jack White Might Release An Album

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Conan jamming onstage with Jack White

We’ve seen the excellent White Stripes video, "Denial Twist" and we’re all vaguely aware of the little love affair going on between Jack and Conan. And given Conan’s penchant for jamming in front of audiences, it makes sense that the two touring musicians would reunite and play a gig at some small, hole-in-the wall club – namely, Jack White’s own label/ record store Third Man Records in Nashville.

Conan dropped by Jack’s place last week and had an intimate jam session in front of one of the happiest crowds live crowds I’ve seen in a youtube video. The above picture should convey the level of rocking out/general stuffiness inside of the club that night. Conan looks like a teddy bear that was thrown in a pool. Apparently the show was being recorded and will be released not as a regular-old album, but as a record? On vinyl? That you listen to on a record player? I am cool with all of these things.

Via AV Club