Megan Fox Attacks And Molests Her Own Nude Mannequin

Megan Fox and her nude mannequin

What do you even call an egomaniac who covers the eyes of his or her own mannequin and makes sweet, sweet love to it? Warren Beatty. Well, at least, that was the old Hollywood joke -- Megan Fox is obviously carrying the aging movie star's torch today, with this bizarre photo shoot for Interview. The pictures say it all, although we have to wonder if these were taken before she was booted from the third Transformers movie...

Megan Fox and her nude mannequin 2

Megan Fox and her nude mannequin 3

Megan Fox and her nude mannequin 4

Megan Fox and her nude mannequin 5


Commentarium (6 Comments)

Jun 14 10 - 2:35pm

am i supposed to not be able to tell which is the mannequin and which one is Megan Fox?

Jun 14 10 - 3:19pm

It's the one on the right in the last one. Other than that, I can't tell.

Jun 14 10 - 3:40pm
Stuckina Parkbench

It's easy to tell... Megan is the one made out of plastic.

Jun 14 10 - 4:16pm

Doesn't matter, don't care, still breathtakingly beautiful.

Jun 14 10 - 10:52pm

Helmut Newton inspired?

Jun 15 10 - 12:04pm

I am now going to masturbate to this