New Tumblr, Sad Keanu, Will Make You Feel Much Better About Yourself

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Sad Keanu at McDonalds at a Kid's Birthday Party

Well, it’s Monday again. And it’s hot, and at least here, kind of rainy. Which means it’s really humid, and still Monday, and there are five more days left until the weekend when we can get day drunk and watch the World Cup. Pretty sad, right?

Not as sad as this: is to be the first site to pop up in the wake of the Sad Keanu meme that started last week. (If you were on a yoga retreat in Tibet for the last seven days, you can catch up on the history of the meme here, courtesy of Scanner Brian). Sad Keanu is kind of like the bastard child of Nic Cage As Everyone and Garfield Minus Garfield–a combination of (usually) clever Photoshoping, juxtaposed silliness, and schadenfreude. In other words, if you’re having a miserable day, here’s a picture of Keanu Reeves losing at Mario Kart, with Ulysses S. Grant, or waterskiing. Even fun beach activities can’t cheer up Sad Keanu:

Sad Keanu playing mario kart

Sad Keanu Water-Skiing

Sad Keanu with Ulysses S. Grant

I don’t know about all you, but I feel a whole lot better.