Science Says: Men Take Romantic Failings Harder

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Breaking up is hard to do

The media and pop culture love to show women as being emotionally fragile, whiny, unpredictable and foolish when it comes to romance. Of course, we all know that these traits are just as common in men, especially now that we have scientific "proof."

"[A new study] found that men in their early twenties find breaking up and the highs and lows of romantic relationships more traumatic than women."

Interestingly, this report out of the Journal of Health and Social Behavior indicates that women usually have strong support networks and reach out to friends and family for comfort, while men often bottle up their emotions and keep their friends from seeing them at a moment of weakness. 

Then there’s this:

"Surprisingly, we found young men are more reactive to the quality of ongoing relationships."

Sociology experts have suggested that the results collected from 1,000 unmarried adults aged 18-23 could be partly influenced by the current economic crisis. If young men find it difficult to find employment then their sense of identity is more likely to be reliant on personal relationships.

Prof Bartley said: "It always used to be that women defined themselves through relationships and men validated themselves through their work. This young male group is having a very tough time now and this could perhaps mark a shift that we have been expecting to happen for the last 20 years." [The Telegraph]