Tom Cruise And Cameron Diaz Are The Best At Soccer

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Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz

It looks like 20th Century Fox made a little youtube publicity video for the upcoming Tom Cruise/ Cameron Diaz movie Knight and Day. It has all the things we love: behind-the-scenes footage, stars shooting the shit and manipulated footage of stars shooting the shit.

Pay me, 20th Century Fox! Pay me! But seriously, how tired. We know it’s an all-in-good-fun video because – despite the excellent kicking technique – they can’t do that plus the soccer ball looks like something we could all draw and shade and vector or whatever in Photoshop. But nice job tying the whole soccer-being-in thing into your movie, which looks so bad in all the ways you’d probably expect an action/comedy with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz to be bad.

And can we call a moratorium on Cameron Diaz being the georgeous goofy girl in every movie? The woman is almost forty (which is FINE) but every one of her movie characters by now would be expected to grow up and start acting her age. Even the perennial mess that is every Diane Keaton character got her shit together in a few movies. (Granted, she usually plays smart people.)