Women: Are Your Boobs The Wrong Shape For The Decade?

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Topless Playboy model

Playboy compiled a boob retrospective, if you will, charting breast trends over the past few decades. Or rather, they say what happens to be "in" because there’s no such thing as an actual breast trend among non-enhanced women. (Boobs are boobs, guys).

The sixties saw the rise of missile-shaped breasts because duh – The Cuban Missile Crisis. The seventies was the decade of the droopy boob, coinciding with the collective droop of American morale because of the failed hippie movement. The eighties were all about big, fake breasts because – hello! – Poison. In the nineties, smaller athletic breasts became popular as the alternative music scene made it acceptable for women to have alternative breasts (acceptable, but not preferable). And in the aughts, apparently, anything goes. We live in a literal Boob-copia where breasts of all shapes and sized are warmly welcomed, providing they are on the body of a playmate.