Craigslist Post Of The Day: Spy On My (Future) Fiancee, Please

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Woman spying with binocularsSpy Needed. Females only please. (Lower East Side)

There will be a speed dating event, and I am worried my soon to be fiance will be attending. I’m not the jealous type that normally does this, but since I’m about to take a big step of giving her a ring, I need to make sure. Your job will simply be to stand in front of this restaurant and look for her arrival. That’s it. IF you can get inside and get a snapshot of her in the act of "speed dating" I would pay an extra $50.

Offering $85 for this because it should not take you more than 1 hour. The location and time will be disclosed to you.

It’s not okay to contact this poster about commercial interests and all that. Did you notice he pays extra if you bust her? It’s like he not-so-secretly hopes she is cheating on him just so that he can prove himself right? Scary.

And yes, I did notice that he doesn’t a) necessarily need you to get her actually speed dating — simply going with a friend for support is enough to make him realize she isn’t worthy of spending the rest of her life with him and b) actually have any proof that she is or even would cheat on him. Going to a speed dating event does not count as cheating — going on a date with someone she met at speed dating might be, though.

Via — well, nothing… since the post is down now, likely removed by a guy afraid this was going to get around to his future ex-girlfriend.