These Numbers Will Cheer You Up & Bring You Down… Single People

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Just Unmarried signThe Frisky has been running a series of statistical breakdowns of singles and marrieds, and I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn the marrieds have it way better in this country — if you ignore the part about the high divorce rate, of course.

Here’s a breakdown of the author’s nine "shocking" facts about being single in America:

-There are 93 million singles here, making up 42% of the population

-47% male, 53% female

-40% divorced, 60% never married [Ed. Note: Folks, does it bug you if someone you’re dating is divorced?]

-"9% of the married adult population is aged 18-29 years, compared to 34% of the unmarried adult population, while 3% of the married adult population is aged 80 years or over, compared to 7% of the unmarried adult population."

-your typical American is single for the majority of their existence

-80% of the Fortune 50 companies offer domestic partner health benefits; 51% of the Fortune 500 companies do

-most people in the U.S. are living alone, as of 2001

-75% of live-in lovers plan to get married, 55% eventually do

The Frisky, via