Video: Is True Blood Teasing Us With Sam and Bill’s Gay (Almost) Kiss?

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True Blood's Sam and Bill

Sometimes, when something is super over-hyped, we start to worry that it’s over-compensating (for sucking). Which is why with all the the annoying viral marketing and so-so minisodes leading up to Sunday’s True Blood premiere, we worried it was going to jump the shark this time around. And yet, the first episode of season three was totally awesome. In part, because of this completely unexpected, yet incredibly hot homoerotic scene between Sam and Bill:

On the one hand, kudos to the writers of True Blood for taking the show’s tent-your-pants potential in a totally new direction. On the other hand, we wonder if this isn’t just an attempt to up the ante a bit – generate some buzz – with a plotline they have no intention of following up on. Recently, after all, the whole "gay-for-publicity" has been quite the rage (although it’s usually two women, and often includes Britney Spears).

Then again, maybe they are going to offer up an alternative to the shrill love affair between Sookeh and Beeeeel. After all, an almost gay kiss seems a little tame for a show whose previous season concluded with a town-wide Satanic orgy.