Video: Koreans Are Learning To Curse At You

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Perfect. Koreans will finally be able to understand all the horrible things we say while stranded and terrified in the dark alleys of Koreatown.

It’s nice that he also threw in the slang term, "sick" which teenagers use all the time in movies that rhyme with Dwayne’s Dworld and Dwayne’s Dworld 2. And he drew an asshole! How many of your teachers drew assholes? Up until he introduces "bitch" as the correct gender-specific slur, I was afraid the whole thing was a joke. But nope! If it’s self-aware enough to be a joke (and I guess self-aware enough to try to promote whatever they’d be trying to promote), then they wouldn’t be so un-PC as to piss off half their potential audience. Koreans! Their part of town is scary.