Canceled Drake-Hanson Concert Drives Crowd To Madness

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It turns out Justin Bieber isn’t the only musical act that can inspire riots (thank God). Because when police shut down the concert at the South Street Seaport yesterday, people did…this:

Look, I’m not saying I wouldn’t be pissed if I were there. But this is Drake and Hanson we’re talking about. Yeah, I liked that new Hanson video that came out a while back. And maybe, in my wayward youth, I had a Hanson poster or five and a book about Hanson that came with Hanson stickers (maybe). And I certainly like Drake. I even liked him back when he was on Degrassi: The Next Generation, not that I watched the show much. He played Jimmy, the basketball player who dated Ashley before she turned goth and then dated Hazel for a while before Ellie helped him find his artistic side and he tries to date her but she won’t date him which is right before Spinner (his ex-BFF because Spinner totally was a dick to Marco when he came out of the closet) framed him for playing a prank on Ricky and then Ricky shot him in the back and he ended up in a wheelchair and…

Yeah, you know what? I’d be really pissed. Riot on, rioters.

Via Vulture.