Chatroulette Pioneers “Genital-Recognition Algorithm,” Bans Penises

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Chatroulette ScreenshotWe've mentioned this recently, but there have been some recent developments in this hot (okay, awkward) story. If you haven't heard, Chatroulette, that haven for penises from around the world to hang out, mingle, induce high-pitched shrieks from unsuspecting users, is introducing software that will keep computer screens penis-free (which is more than Drudge Report can claim). The video chatting site announced that a "genital recognition algorithm" is under development, presumably by computer scientists who didn't plan on using their M.I.T. degrees to look at penises all day.

Then, we discovered that Chatroulette's penis purge may be the work of '90s blowhard/Napster funder Shawn Fanning, the man responsible for those Modest Mouse mp3s that took you an entire school day to download. He has reportedly teamed up with Chatroulette's founder, Andrey Ternovskiy, to make the service more investor-friendly. It'll be interesting to see what the Internet thinks about all of this, but, if we had to guess, they'll just find somewhere else to show people their penises. (For those counting at home, that's seven "penises" in this article, headline included. Recognize that, Chatroulette!)