Last Links: Alison Brie Talks About Weird Sex Positions

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Alison Brie  Here at Nerve, we’re a little obsessed with Alison Brie. And we love oddly-specific sex acts with weird names. Which means this is pretty much the best thing we’ve ever seen.

In World Cup news, Switzerland beat Spain. Which basically means black is white, up is down, and the US has a real chance at winning this thing.

If the weird world of memes is a big Arkansas family reunion, then 4Chan is the creepy old patriarch. For instance, this Toy Story meme started years ago with a weird 4Chan prank – Dicks, Dicks, Everywhere – and has since spawned a whole host of "things, things everywhere" memes. Go figure.

This is why we love the internet: There is no dark cloud – of rapidly expanding oil – without a silver lining – of awesome artists to respond to it.

And finally, Padma Laskshmi went on George Lopez to talk about how she’s eaten lots and lots of testicles during her culinary career. We will never tire of her looking hot and making vague sexual innuendo. Never.