Bucolic Paintsman Thomas Kinkade Arrested For DUI

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Your absolute favorite painter, Thomas Kinkade, was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving just outside of Carmel, California on Friday night. In case you need your memory jogged, Kinkade drew this

and this

and this.

(Kidding. Someone else – someone excellent – photoshopped Cthulhu in.)

The DUI came after news that one of his companies filed for bankrupty after defrauding two art galleries of nearly one million dollars. The self-described Christian painter has a pretty long history of business malfeasance and personal misdealings, which the The LA Times was good enough to recount for us in 2006. I don’t know his exact (or estimated) net worth today, but it’s well over $100 million. The man has more money than god, which is great, because apparently god is also his art agent. Yes, Kinkade actually said that.