Was Obama’s BP Address Any Good?

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The consensus: meh. In Obama’s defense, he hardly has a patient, even-headed audience in us. We’ve been waiting weeks for him to give this kind of address, and for the longest time we suspected he was avoiding us. US! Still, this should have been an opportunity to kick ass in his address. (Though, how much rhetorical ass-kicking can you do when the oil is still gushing.)

Not much. Obama looked like he putting on his best indignation face as he announced flimsy restoration plans and how no one knows what to do about renewable energy. Obama didn’t have to make with the pointing and the frowny face – we know it’s not his natural state. We’d rather he give us some actual news or be honest about having no news than wring his hands and act like the straight-shooting answer man, when he basically said the clean energy debate is an open forum and that anyone should field suggestions his way. Really, anyone. Shoot him an email. Wind energy, right? You can watch the address here.

"Battle Plan":

  • Bigger cleanup crews
  • "Long-term Gulf Coast restoration" – whatever that means
  • New MMS watchdog
  • A moratorium on deep water drilling (for a couple of months)
  • And something about clean energy.