Betty White Outs Rock Hudson and Cary Grant

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Betty White firing a gun
Sometimes old people say the darndest things! Like earlier this week, when the beloved Betty White appeared on your favorite liberal "every-mom," Joy Behar’s show, and let it slip that Cary Grant and Rock Hudson, um, batted for the same team. Which, for a lot of people, probably wasn’t a huge shock, but still, she backtracked when the ever-subtle Behar asked her point-blank if Grant was gay.

Now, you might be thinking "What’s the big deal? Old people accidentally let stuff slip on TV all the time. Look at Helen Thomas, for Chrissake," but we find this interesting. Because her race to play dumb about Grant’s sexuality reflects a kind of respect for privacy that celebrity-gossip driven world has basically forgotten about. It wasn’t that people weren’t aware that Hudson and a handful of other Hollywood hearthrobs were gay. It was just that – maybe out of fear of being dubbed un-hirable homos or even just a sense that who they did the nasty with wasn’t anybody’s business but their own – they chose to quietly do who they wanted. 

While in part, we agree with the privacy part, this whole "what happens in gay Vegas, stays in gay Vegas" attitude toward homosexuality has its drawbacks. It sucks to out someone who’s not ready to march down 5th Avenue wearing ass-less chaps, but it’s worse to stay closeted. Especially if what you’re going to do while you’re in there is douchily vote down gay-rights legislation, or parade around Europe preaching to the rent boy you’ve hired to "carry your luggage."