Courtney Love’s ‘Behind The Music’ Teaser Is Courtney Love Concentrated

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Courtney Love

Sometimes I feel for Courtney Love. I’m not saying she deserves our sympathy, our empathy, whatever. But when she says stuff like, "Everyone in the world was picking on me!" it’s hard to write her off because everyone was picking on her for, what, ten years? And boo hoo tons of money/ drug problems – but it’s still easier to regard her as a coke ho’ and not think about her again until she says something dumb and VH1 is all over it.

And VH1 is all over it, because we’re getting a "Courtney Love: Behind The Music" where Love sits in front of a camera and plays talking head in her own special for two hours. The teaser VH1 edited together is a truly, truly unflattering collage of stupid comments (with traces of pitiful honesty here and there so you’ll watch).

I think I have synthesized Courtney Love’s particular problem! She has adult feelings, adult rage and adult problems, but she still can’t articulate one complete thought without sounding like a fourteen-year-old girl. Who says their band could have been bigger than The Beatles? Who says that and means it? Though, anyone with enough abandon to say "Barbie pussy" or "flapping noni" can’t be all wrong.