Image Of The Day: Penis Graffiti Prank In Russia

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bridge penis graffiti

Oh, Russians, you always have the best traffic pranks. It used to be the French who cracked us up with your dudes who dressed in snail costumes and held up rush hour traffic for hours, but lately, the Russkies have whooped their asses with their stunts.

(Our most recent favorite was the goof involving a porno and a video billboard on the highway.)

Today’s great prank is seen above and it’s rather straightforward: paint a penis on the drawbridge, so when the drawbridge gets raised… Moscow, we have boner!

This was a community effort from beginning to end: On the night of June 14th, 40 collaborators painted the 1870’s draw bridge within minutes. One was caught and arrested. In the morning, the city sent in two firefighter brigades to wash the bridge clean. [Animal NY]