Marisa Miller In Her Underwear: Too Hot For Lame TV?

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Marisa Miller in a million-dollar bra 

Activision just released a commercial for Guitar Hero featuring blossoming famous person Marisa Miller, claiming it was taken off the air for being too risque for its game rating.

YouTube commenters took this comment as fact:

-These people act like we’re all in kindergarden. It’s not like they had her stripping down on camera (though I would´╗┐ be fine with that too…)

-This was banned? The people governing our airwaves are so stupid.

All right, now let’s take a gander at the real story: Miller probably did this commercial and they just didn’t feel like it was good/sexy/relevant/celebrity-filled enough for primetime. One day, someone said, "Hey, we have this commercial with Marisa Miller sitting around. You know she was just voted the hottest woman in the world by one of those dumb men’s magazines. Why not leak it to YouTube and claim it was banned? Max publicity, yo."

Here’s what the fuss is all about: