Naked Man Of The Day: Rampaging Sailor During Fleet Week

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nude sailor and nude friends

Fleet Week 2010 came to an end in Victoria, British Columbia on Sunday without any major catastrophes. Almost all of the 5,000 sailors parties without getting arrested or knocking up any women obsessed with men in uniform. (Or whatever these Fleet Weeks are supposed to be about.)

One of the only newsworthy incidents appeared in yesterday’s Vancouver Sun, apparently held over until confirmation was obtained from the French Navy:


[A]n intoxicated French sailor stripped in public twice, once in front of the captain of his ship.

Officers were called when the mariner slipped out of his uniform in the lobby of a local hotel… shore patrol and military police helped get the sailor’s uniform back on and brought him back to his ship.

Evidently, the sailor’s aversion to his uniform won out… because he stripped again in the queue to return to his ship. [Vancouver Sun]

Now, there’s a man we’d like to keep around — shake things up, at least in America. Unfortunately, he’s probably in the brig because his captain was standing right behind him in line. Uh oh.