America Is Totally Obsessed With Toy Story 3

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Toy Story 3

Kidding. But have you seen the reaction to this thing? Rotten Tomatoes, America’s "Should I like this?" meter rates it at one hundred percent. And people who have seen it won’t shut up about it, including this guy who wrote the sweetest review and reminded me of how old I am for seeing the original Toy Story in theatres. In theatres! And then someone gave it to me for birthday on VHS. VHS!

Apparently it combines the best of live-action movies  – pathos, good writing, chase scenes, when an actor’s face changes to reflect that of their lines – which is conspicuously missing from live-action movies. (I’m looking at you, Jonah Hex, which I have not seen.)

The Ken teaser trailer we posted a few weeks was just a taste of the movie – funny, sweet, strangely adult and creepily life-like. Slashfilm compiled a list of easter eggs from the movie, since we know from Wall-E and others, that the good-hearted wizards at Pixar are fond of including visual references in their movies.