Counterfeit Smuggling Ring Trafficked Defective Condoms to the US

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Trojan condoms, which are real, unlike the defective counterfeit ones recently discovered by federal agents."Mommy, where do babies come from?"

"Well sweetheart, when a man and a woman like each other well enough or have had too many shots, they buy a pack of condoms that claimed to be Trojans but were actually smuggled in from China and probably had vegetable oil on them instead of actual lube, and then they hug very tightly with these condoms that failed water leakage tests, and then nine months later they have a kid. Like Knocked Up, but without the comedy."

Watch out where you’re getting your condoms from, kids: federal officials recently busted ZX Trading, a counterfeit smuggling ring, and found over 500,000 defective condoms made to look like Trojans. What’s scary about this is that those are the ones they found that had yet to be distributed. Just think of all the ones that are already out there!

Via the NY Times.