Elite Vocabulary Police Hammer Obama for BP Speech

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Barack Obama Gives BP

Apparently Obama’s oil spill earlier this week left a large number of Americans baffled (read: saying "D-oh!") because of high-faluting register. The speech – judged to be the most complex he’s ever made – hit about a 10th-grade-level. This sounds pretty low, until you realize that previous speeches have hit around 7th grade (and that 10th graders know things about participial phrases and asymptotic curves that would blow your mind):

But don’t fear – Stephen Colbert is here to respond. "Mr. President, your flowery verbiage is opaque and perplexing," he said last night on Colbert Report. "I’m sorry, I meant to say, your talky words make ears mad." He then turned the speech into a children’s book, which had two main characters: "Spot" (the oil spill), and "Dick" (Tony Hayward, of course).

Please take the time to indulge in this video rendition of the anecdote… I mean, take a looky looky:

Now I wonder, who’s going to translate Colbert’s report for Sarah Palin?