Europeans World Cup Fans Are Way More Racist Than You Thought

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World Cup 2010 Italy Victory

Not to be a downer – because, World Cup! It’s fun! Who knew? – but I never knew much about the fans abroad (other than the English ones who are crazy). And while half the players for France don’t look like your typical French natives, I never really questioned it. I never gave much thought as to how players were traded, or ended up on the teams that they’re on. It never occured to me that a country’s own fans would say terrible things to their own [non-native] players, whom were brought to play for their country because they’re among the best players in the world.

This is a clip from an ESPN special that goes into that. It’s really worth checking out if you’re not already familiar with the kind of awfulness that goes on in the stands in countries like Italy and France. I had no idea. (But please excuse the supremely announcer-y announcer. They could have gotten a narrator that didn’t sound like the "Behind The Music" guy.)