Joe Lieberman Proposes An “Internet Kill Switch” For Obama

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Senator Joe Lieberman, who recently proposed the President have an internet kill switch.

But only so he could protect us from "cyber warriors, cyber spies, cyber terrorists and cyber criminals," according to Sen. Lieberman. (No word on how this would affect cyber ninjas, cyber assassins, or cyber Druids.) Let’s look at the pros and cons of this proposal, shall we?


According to this article, while the US doesn’t control or own the internet, enough of the "core internet" is on US soil that we could basically turn it off all over the world. We’re number one, guys! Number one for being able to shut off the internet!

– You’d probably finish reading War and Peace.


– What? …What?

– You might have to talk to people. With your voice and mouth, like some kind of animal thing!

– Really, what in your non-internet life would be able to replace this?

– Probably wouldn’t make us super popular with the rest of the world, many of whom are just as attached to video clips of cute animals (and like, news) as we are.

– Oh, and one small thing: giving the President the power to turn off the internet in the name of "security" is an epically bad idea, creating the potential for a future abuse of power so great it make Watergate look like a parking ticket.

In short: no thank you, Joe Lieberman.

Via Buzzfeed.