Start Your Weekend Right With Snoop Dogg’s True Blood Ode, “Oh Sookie”

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Snoop Dogg, I take back anything bad I ever said about you with regards to that awful Katy Perry song, because this is without a doubt the best thing I have seen all week (granted, the competition was mostly just a particularly good marathon of Law & Order: SVU).

Honestly, I could just watch a video of the background dancers, decked out in Sookie-blond wigs and Merlotte’s waitress uniforms. Could HBO do this for all of its shows? They could get Lil’ Wayne to do Treme (because of the New Orleans connection), and Lil’ Kim for Hung (because she has a history of rapping about big dicks), and then, I don’t know, T-Pain for Entourage (because I dislike both those things, and they are inexplicably popular). Get on it, HBO people.