This Week In Sex: The #1 Topless World Cup Fan

Adrianne Curry bending over in a thong

"An FDA panel weighing whether to green-light flibanserin, the so called "female Viagra," say the drug failed to boost women's libidos in recent studies." They added that women who took the drug did have more sex, so... maybe they should approve it after all. 

Want to see "Real Housewife" Danielle Staub's sex tape... without all the annoying sex? Here's all two minutes of what remains.

A Minnesota State Senator caused a bit of a stir this week when he had a dinner date with a gay porn star.

Cameron Diaz, who doesn't go a week without offering a good quote about sex, says she lost her virginity just to get that whole dilemma out of the way. The rest of us lost it because we were pushing 30 and... never mind.

Check out this photo and story of a guy who got his balls waxed... and nearly lost them in the process.

Two "cheeky" teens in the U.K. were busted for bundling porn with their hamburger sales.

And for our photo roundup this week: Adrianne Curry (above and below) on Twitter, Kari Ferrell on the J train platform in Brooklyn, and the topless Paraguayan soccer booster.

Adrianne Curry naked topless nude

Hipster Grifter Keri Ferrell

Hipster Grifter Keri Farrell boobs topless

Commentarium (25 Comments)

Jun 18 10 - 3:54pm

Why does does anybody care about Kari Ferrell anymore!?! She's a nefarious, amoral crook who would steal from her own invalid grandmother.

I would hope that people would have enough standards and ethics to stop acknowledging her existence, thus depriving her pleas of relevancy. By covering her, you only validate her.

Jun 18 10 - 4:03pm

Cue Kerri Farrell sex tape in 5...4...3...

Nov 05 10 - 1:59pm

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