New Dating Site Aims To Connect Like-Minded Music Snobs

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Chan Marshall as Cat Power in a Bob Dylan t-shirt

I generally don’t date women who dislike Bob Dylan. Or the Velvet Underground. Or, for the love of God, Nina Simone. I mean, I can respectfully understand and agree not to date a Dylan hater, but what was up with you, Debby (not her real name, obviously, since the name Debby doesn’t exist anymore), girl of the north country, who didn’t even think "Feeling Good" was good enough for you? 

That’s probably why I’m the perfect person for a music snob’s (i.e. mainly annoying hipster’s) paradise called Tastebuds, which can be loosely described as a dating site for people who choose "differing taste in tunes" as a definite dealbreaker.

The site, as they say, "allows you to find single people who share your passion for music. Tell us the bands you love and we’ll find people nearby who share your tastes." Really, people are probably checking it out to get recommendations based on bands they already like, but maybe a few actual hookups are occurring.

After all, if you’re so much of a music snob that you’re choosing partners based on a top ten list of bands, you’re bound to find at least one Toad the Wet Sprocket or (ah hem) Animal Collective for every eight or nine acceptable choices in each mate’s list, thus ending the possibility of romance for you.