Today In WTF: Anne Frank’s Boyfriend’s Sex Diary

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Anne Frank and Peter

Remember Peter van Pels, the teenage boy who Anne Frank fell for in the months before her capture? Remember how sweet and innocent their romance seemed? While we’re not in favor of censoring, quashing, or otherwise being against the idea, for some reason, it really bothers us that someone took their adolescent fantasies and turned them into some creepy-ass fan fiction.

Maybe it’s because they died in a most disgusting fashion (Frank at Belsen Belsen, van Pels after a brutal march between death camps), but this news makes a bit ill:

A writer who specializes in young adult novels has penned a racy fictional diary by Peter van Pels, the boy who lived in the same building as Frank in Amsterdam while she was in hiding during the Nazi occupation.

According to London’s Sunday Times, author Sharon Dogar’s book, "Annexed," includes graphic descriptions of van Pels’ and Franks’ adolescent romance… [Daily News]

Frank’s surviving first cousin has attacked the new "diary" for other reasons: he says Frank and van Pels are misrepresented, personality-wise, and agrees that "their terrible destiny should be used to invent some fictitious story."