Can We Learn Anything From Nadine Sutherland’s Song “Cougars”?

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I think we can. For instance, we can learn that there are people who still think using the term "cougar" is acceptable in any way. (Then again, it appears that Ms. Sutherland is from Jamaica, so perhaps the term is simply continuing its southward migration. Like a glacier, it will sweep downwards from Canada leaving a wake of destruction in its path.)

But I think this is actually a very educational moment, if we look closely. For instance, did you know:

1. Cougars have more phones than they know what to do with!

2. Despite their age, cougars enjoy pillow fights.

3. Cougars do not want to start a war with younger women. (…Yet!)

Of course, if you don’t care to expand your horizons with regards to "cougarism" (sorry), you can also take the… bridge? I think it might be the bridge? Anyway, the bridge of this song can be a like a fun blind-item game! Who do you think is the "high-profile bigger woman in the media having an affair with a hot young sprinter"? My money is on Paula Deen and Usain Bolt.

Via Videogum.