Finally, Rappers Admit To Bargain Shopping

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Diamond Bling

We know there was a point in time before Fabolous had ten cars. He had to have eight cars before he had ten cars, five cars before he had eight, and at one point he only had one car and it was probably a Honda Civic. So why must he act as if a pre-ten car time never existed?

It’s humbling when rappers admit to hard financial times, and not as something they went through ten-plus years ago to bolster street cred and they are never going back because hey, money! It’s the greatest – especially when you have so much of it you can buy things just to be a dick.

So it’s nice when the hip hop community comes out in defense of budgetary spending. And in praise of Ross!

Ross: dress for less. The Marshalls of the west.

And yes, I understand that the Abraham Linkin are not so much figureheads of the hip hop community as much they are funny (and stylish, thaaaaanks Ross) guys from the bay area.