Friendly's 'Fatty Melt' Puts The Double Down To Shame

Yesterday, Scanner Brian was kind enough to introduce us to the Fatty Melt. Hello, Fatty Melt. Hello, readers! Just look at that thing! Look at it! We don't need a sandwich press release to tell us it's has two grilled cheese sandwiches as the bun, because we can see the two grilled cheese sandwiches, and they are the bun.

Even KFC's Double Down, when all is said and done, is only 540 calories according to their website. Though it's full of sodium, fat and the bad cholesteral, eating an entire box of cereal (as one does) will put you way over 540 calories. Eating an Amy's Super Healthy Veggie Burrito (not a real thing) will put you over 540 calories. But walking into a Friendly's and not even eating anything will make the seams of your pants explode, as if by magic.

Friendly's "Fatty Melt" - grilled cheese buns, keep up - clocks in at 1,500 calories according to their site. It's not the worst number in the world - we know Applebees and McDonalds and wherever all have a dish that's least two days worth of food. But it feels like Friendly's is bragging, like they're challenging. Thankfully, I am not a high achiever (or an eater of grilled meats).

And because stomach-turning is a thing that I can do, feel free to check out this Paul McCartney-narrated PETA video of meat horrors. It will be the worst thing you see this week.


Commentarium (6 Comments)

Jun 23 10 - 12:00pm

I know that the Fatty Melt is a complete abomination, but I am almost definitely going to eat one. (Also, weirdly passive-aggressive name, there, Friendly's.)

Jun 23 10 - 12:22pm

My boyfriend just had to eat a doubledown after it came out, and now I'm sure there will be at least one sampling of the fatty melt in our household. Has all fastfood marketing simply turned into one double dog dare?

Jun 23 10 - 1:12pm

Is it wrong that I want to make this at home with a veggie burger in lieu of of the meat? I mean it's only 2 extra slices of bread and a little more cheese...

Jun 23 10 - 3:06pm

Amateurs! Where's the sauce? Where's the cheese on the burger? Most importantly, WHERE'S THE BACON

Jun 23 10 - 9:28pm
just mike
Scroll down to the double bypass burger. It's been there for at least a few years.

Jun 24 10 - 9:37pm

Meat is murder, tasty, tasty murder. Yum!