‘Gasland’, A New HBO Documentary, Shows Us What Happens When An Open Flame Is Held Up To Tap Water

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Nothing happens, because it’s water and fire. Case closed! So what’s this about, Gasland on HBO?

Oh, well this is truly terrifying. I hope you don’t live in the rural American northeast, dubbed by energy companies as "the Saudi Arabia of natural gas." It seems strange that siphoning fuel from below the earth’s can contaminate the local water supply – especially when it’s so well managed, and by peope who care.

Josh Fox, the director of Gasland went on TDS last night and Jon Stewart mentioned pets losing their fur. We saw in the trailer one woman complaining about brain lesions. And Fox mentioned nueropathy and cancer as effects on NPR a few days ago.

It’s not just the natural gas that’s contaminating ground water and making people sick. It’s the chemical fluid they inject into the earth intended to, um, crack the bedrock of the earth. And this fluid is what’s making it’s way to the surface and turning water into kindle. Scary.