General McCrystal Talks Shit About Obama In ‘Rolling Stone,’ Meets With The President Today

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Obama and McChrystal

It’s not unusual to talk shit about your boss, especially when you’re in politics, especially if someone with the means of repeating it in newspapers or magazines or on tv is around. In fact, there’s a word for it: smear! So were McChrystal’s comments – many of which made him sound like the dick you invite to your parties because he drinks the most and has the biggest cojones – really that bad?

He said Obama looked "uncomfortable and intimidated" in front of the military officials in his charge. And outside of his general dickishness and disdain for the Obama administration, most of the essay focused on McChrystal trying to legitimize the longest war in American history. In one instance, he favorably likened it to the French-Algerian War and the war in Vietnam. You know, our favorite wars! The ones that made the most sense and resulted in the most human goodness.

Unfortunately for McChrystal, reporter Michael Hastings was on the right side of recording totally bat-shit dumb, are-you-really-saying-this-in-front-of-a-RollingStone-reporter, violating-one-million-military-codes-of-ethics type comments that McChrystal made. It turns out that calling Joe Biden "Bite Me" – in addition to being lame – is insubordination of sorts. The dismissal of McChrystal and his entire staff would be completely within reason. And then we’d get another commander in Afghanistan who willfully believes he can ask Muslims to stop being Muslim, and that it would work. It’s the profile for our next Afghan general and the completely impossible mission statement for the war.

McChrystal meets with Obama today. Whatever the result, I hope they both walk away as friends. (lolol.) But seriously, I hope Obama fires McChrystal; not because of the insubordination, not because he bullied the president into deploying thousands more troops, but because Obama decides to cancel the war and McChrystal doesn’t have a job anymore.