Julianne Moore Unsure Why Her Sex Scenes Are Too Hot For Censors

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Julianne Moore sex scene

The Kids Are Alright, which opens next month in the U.S., is a widely-praised film about lesbian moms who are forced to deal with the fact that their sperm donor has popped into their lives. The film has received some minor flack for a scene in which Julianne Moore’s character hooks up with the dad, with some critics calling it distracting, unrealistic and a concession to Hollywood expectations for R-rated entertainment, but none of that seems to bother the Oscar-nominated actress.

In an interview on AfterEllen, she sheds some light on the highly-anticipated movie and its numerous — albeit minor — controversies.

On her on-screen lovers: I’ve had a lot! [Laughs] I’m doing a Steve Carell movie right now and I turned to the writer and said, “I think this is the first movie I haven’t kissed anybody in!” And the writer said, “No, you kiss Kevin Bacon!” I forgot that I had to kiss him. I’ve kissed so many actors! And actresses! Actors and actresses are great kissers. That’s our secret — we’re all really good kissers.

On the sex scenes: Who knows what those people are looking at, I really don’t know. It seems crazy. I have less of an issue with that kind of stuff than with things exploding. Sex is OK, everybody does it. Most of us don’t throw bombs. [Laughs]

On getting naked on screen: …everyone has a problem showing their bodies. There’s not much exposed in Kids — there are no body parts. The stuff in Chloe — that was harder! Particularly with a 24-year-old on top of me. [Laughs]

It was easier in Kids because it was more covered up and it was more comic — we were just rolling around and stuff like that. It’s never easy to do; you’re trying to give people an authentic experience at the movies and this was supposed to be funny.

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