Sarah Palin Asks For “Day Of Prayer” To Fix Oil Spill

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Of course, she did it over her Twitter yesterday, and she also asked that lawmakers declare that very day, so I’m not sure what she was hoping to get out of it. She does remember that lawmakers have like, processes and procedures to go through to make things happen, right? Also, can you even officially declare a Day of Prayer? (Seriously, does anyone know for sure? That sounds like it borders on illegal.) But enough about my questions. Let’s get right to the tweet:

Sarah Palin tweets about praying for the gulf oil spill.

Durr. People, this is a woman who probably wants to run for President. She’s basically saying, "Jeez, this is a really tough problem. We should probably just ask God to fix it, because clearly we’re wasting our time trying to do it ourselves." I think that is actually the worst plan possible that doesn’t involve, I don’t know, nuking the Gulf of Mexico.

"Could you guys try, like, just praying more?" – Pelican

I know Sarah Palin has said some crazy things in the past, but this one might actually scare me the most, as far as a future with her in power goes. Let’s just pray take proactive steps to ensure it never happens.

Via Shakespeare’s Sister.