While You Were Sleeping: The Man’s Case For Monogamy

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Miranda Kerr Orlando Bloom engagedIt’s amusing to hear what one little kid in China imagines America to be. 

Why do Missouri Republicans hate employment, economic stimulation and, most importantly, naked women?

This is the funniest, most self-deprecating music video promoting a movie about a rubber tire that comes to life I’ve ever seen. Make it through the first unbearable minute and reap the rewards.

1,500 Calories, 870 Fat Calories, 79g Total Fat, 2,090mg of Sodium, 101 carbs: may we present the new Grilled Cheese BurgerMelt from Friendly’s? Yes, it’s a hamburger with grilled cheese serving as its buns. 

This list of ways conservatives have destroyed America’s economy is a bit of a stretch, mainly because its graphs indicate Clinton didn’t help.

Jack Murnighan over at our sister (or is it parent?) site Babble has written up "A Case For Monogamy" from the man’s point-of-view. What does it say about my preferences that I first wrote the word "Monotony" back there?

And the Frisky perfectly expresses our mixed feelings on the Miranda Kerr – Orlando Bloom engagement announcement. Meanwhile, I’ll just bide my time…