Did Al Gore Pull A Bill-And-Monica With A Masseuse?

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Al Gore Sexual AssaultOh, Al Gore — no one thought you had it in you, yet you’re getting divorced, may be involved wiht some hot young thang, and possibly sexually assaulted (and seems highly likely to at least have had sexual contact with) a masseuse while he was still "happily" married to Tipper.

According to a National Enquirer story, Gore got a massage in Portland, Oregon on October 24, 2006 from an as-yet-unnamed 54-year-old redhead at an upscale hotel. The masseuse filed a police report alleging sexual assault on that day, but Gore was never charged.

The Enquirer notes that the case has a somewhat eerie parallel to the Bill-and-Monica affair: a pair of pants the masseuse wore on that October day were "saved as evidence," as the paper put it on the cover.

The annoying part of all this is that red circle, which reads "He’s facing jail time if convicted." Convicted of what? It was almost four years ago and he hasn’t been charged, so why would he be now? The only thing I can think of is that the masseuse, frustrated that nothing ever happened, went to the Enquirer with her story in an effort to jumpstart the investigation.