“Glee” Cast Told To Stop Having Sex On Set

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Glee cast

I’ll probably never get into "Glee," no matter how good it is, simply because it’s on network TV and that means sifting through commercials or renting exhausting 24-episode DVDs. Oh, and it’s about a high school glee club, so unless it’s on the Playboy channel, there ain’t gonna be anything up my alley here.

Nonetheless, I wouldn’t mind checking out an episode just to try and see if I can tell which cast members had sex just before a take. (You can tell by the flushed looks in the picture above that some of them got in in within the last five minutes.)

Ryan Murphy has said that he has banned the cast of Glee from having sex with one another in their trailers.

The show’s creator said that he understood the physical needs of the young stars but did not want them to act on their urges on set.

Murphy told Heat: "I’ve dated people I’ve worked with and, you know, when you work on a set for 18 hours a day I think it’s natural.

"But I have a rule: don’t do it in your trailer! They’ve broken that rule on many occasions. I’m like, ‘I know you guys are young and hormonal, but don’t do it in your trailer’."