No One Told the Jersey Shore Boys They Would Be On the Cover of the Village Voice’s “Queer Issue”

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"What are we going to use these for? Oh, um…you know, just an article. On stuff. It’s just about some stuff or whatever. It definitely has to do with Jersey, though. Could you do me a favor and rub some more oil on your abs?"

The boys of the Jersey Shore, including Mike "the Situation" Sorrentino, posed for the cover of the Village Voice's Queer Issue.

Page Six is reporting that not only did the guys themselves not know what this picture was going to be used for, but the photographer himself was unaware. (The corresponding article, about "guido" guys who are on the down-low, does feature a side-bar about the show, though.) A source gave this explanation:

The paper’s not saying the cover boys are gay, just that that they’re hot.

Yuh-huh. It was probably only today, when everyone made such a big thing about it, that the people at the Village Voice thought, "Ohhhh, pairing these avowedly heterosexual pop-culture obsessions with the words ‘Queer Issue’ might raise some eyebrows!" Let’s not play these little games, Village Voice. We’re all adults here.

With that being said, I’m not sure how much these guys will actually care, considering (kind of like Levi Johnston), they’ve quickly become adept at understanding how to continue their notoriety. Not to mention that the Situation and Snooki were just at Logo’s New Now Next Awards. I don’t know if anyone would appreciate this kind of switcheroo tactic, but for all I know they could care less about the cover they’re on, so long as they’re on one.

Via Gawker.