Alex Trebek, Auto-Tuned: Not Jeopardy’s Finest Hour

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Damn, that techno remix of "Danny Boy" featuring a poorly Auto-Tuned Alex Trebek is MY JAM. Song of the summer, 2010:

Oh Jeopardy, this is just embarrassing. You want to incorporate something sort of hip in 2007 into your show? That’s fine, I understand that impulse. But that doesn’t even sound like Auto-Tune! That sounds like Johnny 5 from Short Circuit. And the funky fresh beats you have laid down on these tracks…

Okay, personal story time: I used to be a huge drama geek in high school. So much so I joined a local teen acting troupe so I could do even more theater than my high-school program provided. One fall, we staged a production of Brigadoon, a charming tale about a mystical Scottish village that only appears once every 100 years. The protagonist of this show falls in love with a woman from the town, naturally, but decides he cannot stay, and returns to his empty life in New York City. (Spoiler: he doesn’t stay long.)

But how could we make sure the audience knew we were back in the modern world? Clearly the dialogue, set, and costuming would not be enough. They might get so confused! Luckily, our director came up with a plan: we would have you fifty-year-old musical director make a hip-hoppy update to the show’s famous love song! And then we could all hip-hop dance to it. Like they do, you know, "in da clubs."

This was, without a doubt, one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. All of this is to say, Jeopardy, that some things are better left un-updated. Please heed that advice.

Via BestWeekEver.