Bjork/Dirty Projectors and Weezer/Ryan Adams Collaborations In The Mix

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The two teams have projects on the horizon; Adams co-wrote and plays guitar in a song on an upcoming Weezer album. The song will be about rocking-good times. (Not really, I don’t know.)
In darker, dirge-ier news, Bjork and Dirty Projectors made a split EP. Benefits from the EP will go towards a foundation to protect marine life. It’s aptly named Mount Wittenberg Orca (so much meaning) and it’s available on June 30.
Here’s a teaser video Bjork and friends put out:

I will accept that. I will even go so far as to say that I am almost mystified by it. Now, what would be really interesting is a Weezer/ Bjork collaboration. Or, a Ryan Adams/ Bjork collaboration. Bjork + Anyone = always interesting results. It worked with Timbaland.