Cameron Diaz Keeps Saying Whatever She Wants To About Sex & Dating

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Cameron Diaz and her legs

Normally, you might be lucky to read one unrestrained, uncensored quote from a celebrity every year, but they’re always quickly put in the doghouse by publicists, agents, managers, girlfriends or husbands.

Not so with Cameron Diaz. For years, whether or not she’s been on top of the world, with or without longtime paramour Justin Timberlake, the actress who stars in a horrible Tom Cruise vehicle opening tomorrow has given us endless quotes about her sex life and taste in men. Without her, we probably wouldn’t have a clue that most celebrities have thoughts and feelings, too, beyond just the usual "we’re just friends" and "I’m a pretty open-minded person — I’ll date anybody." Sure you will.

"I do get men trying to pick me up (and) I’m always interested. I never shut down any man who’s willing to ask me out, unless he’s a total douchebag. It takes a lot for a guy to ask out a girl like me…It’s not uncomplicated.

"There’s something about moonlight on the body and things happening sort of free and open. [Having sex] outdoors is something I’m totally game and down for.

"I was out one harmless, wonderfully fun day with a group of hospitable Australians who were showing me Sydney. I was keeping up with them drinking, and they got pretty s**t-faced, but I got alcohol poisoning.

"I survived, but it was as bad as alcohol poisoning gets. I thought I was dying."

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