Hot Mama Plays Rock Band Naked… In Front Of Kids

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Naked rock band girl

If anyone has any information leading to the arrest of this woman on child abuse charges, please let me know. Not because I think she should be arrested for this — actually, I want to make her my concubine. I can continue blogging in my underwear while ogling this goofy naked lady playing Rock Band in front of a pair of young boys. Only without the young boys around, of course.

You were expecting an explanation? An epic video? What more do you really need than 17 seconds of a naked woman playing Rock Band to remind you that life is awesome? Okay, well, her name may be Casey Scala and she believes there’s nothing wrong with getting naked around the house — bravo.

For those who have anything negative to say about nudity, I want to say that nudity is a very healthy, non-sexual thing that many pervs think is all about sex.

Nudity is not all 100% about sex; if anything, it’s something society takes for granted.

I’ll be honest with you YouTubers: nakedness is as healthy as eating your fruits and vegetables.

You can do lots of things in the nude–a la exercising, playing drums, even cooking a meal, basically anything nonsexual.

On a personal note to Casey Scala, the original uploader of this video: Thank you for showing YouTube that society is all wrong about nudity. Danny Hooley