Jennifer Love-Hewitt Plays a Prostitute, Tries to Be a “Serious Actress”

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Recently cut loose from her regular gig, The Ghost Whisperer, Jennifer Love-Hewitt will next grace the small screen as a busted call girl (with a heart of gold) in Lifetime’s The Client List. And while we like to hate on J-Love, we’re actually morbidly curious about this take on our scandal-obsession du jour.

Hewitt’s family is broke, ’til she gets this mysterious job that puts motorcycles in the driveway and Playstations under the Christmas tree. Everyone is thrilled until – dun, dun, dun – they finds out she’s a no-good whore and she gets shipped off to the jailhouse, where her only chance to escape lesbian lockdown (now it’s starting to sound a little like another Lifetime movie or ten) comes with the tall order to tattle on all her high-profile clients.

It’s a topical choice in a year when we’ve seen Michelle McGees and Ashley Dupres blow up all over the news (although, the trailer doesn’t say whether we’ll follow Hewitt as she tries to turn her fifteen minutes of infamy into a career as a pop star / sex columnist).

Nontheless, it’ll be interesting to see whether it actually deals at all with high-end prostitution or the monetary reasons that drive women into it – or if it’s just an opportunity for Hewitt to rake up some "serious acting" points in the scene where she gets on her hands and knees and begs her husband to forgive her for being a thankless hooker. Either way, this is the sort of thing we’ll probably enjoy watching next we’re home sick.