New Orangina Ad Proves Orangina Has Bestiality Issues

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Do you guys remember when Orangina came out with that ad last year, the one that featured a sexy (read: horrifying but with boobs) panther forcing a frightened man to strip while threatening to whip him? I sure do, because those images have been seared onto my brain, and I see them sometimes when I close my eyes! Well, it turns out that nothing sells a carbonated citrus beverage like hot man-on-animal action:

Wait, sorry, what I meant to say was that a pattern of zoophilia in commercial advertisements is actually just really, really creepy and only makes me want to avoid drinking Orangina, which is a shame, because Orangina is delicious.

Nice to see they’re being progressive, though, and using a gay couple this time.*

(*Not actually nice. Nothing here is nice.)

Via Buzzfeed.