Seth Rogen And Entourage Producer Call Each Other Ugly And Stupid

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Seth Rogen after dispute with Entourage producer

These Hollywood starlets are so high-maintenance. Actually, Entourage producer Doug Ellin is probably just self-conscious about creating a hollow show made of Skyy Vodka and blinking lights, while Seth Rogen is self-conscious about having the word "schlub" permantenly affixed to his name.

In 2008 Rogen made an offhand comment to GQ about Entourage not being funny. Doug Ellin fired back by including the line, "his ugliness is fascinating" about Rogen in an episode. The line came out the mouth of Turtle, no less: the lesser of the Rogens.

In recent news that isn’t two-years-old, Ellin admitted in an interview that he originally wanted Rogen to play the role of Turtle. Aw, adorable! Or incredibly passive-aggressive. Thankfully, post-Declared Rogen wasn’t offered the role because he probably would have taken it, and he would have made the worst Turtle ever. Bad roles shoud go to bad actors who already have the accent. They shouldn’t go to Seth Rogen. Only roles that Seth Rogen writes should go to Seth Rogen.

Via Vulture