Women Are More Jealous Than Men - And By Large Margins

Jealous girlfriend

Women's Day and AOL put together a survey of 2,000 women and got to the bottom of this whole jealousy thing, which destroys more relationships than booze, cheating and beer guts combined.

(We made that up.)

-77% of women and 27% of men experience jealousy

-63% of single women are jealous of the marrieds, while only 37% said they prefer to be alone

-77% of married ladies are or would be jealous of their husband's female friends, while 13% of women "said that their husbands would feel jealous if they talked to another man. The 53% of coupled-up women who flirt with other guys might want to rethink that strategy," or so says YourTango.

Click here to read the rest of their analysis.


Commentarium (3 Comments)

Jun 24 10 - 1:11pm

Jealousy is really just a lack of self-confidence. So these statistics totally make sense. More women need to realize that they rock socks.

Jun 24 10 - 1:15pm

File this under "no shit, Sherlock." Men get jealous if their partner is intimate with someone else. Women get jealous if their man even looks at another woman. Or if they suspect their man looked at another woman.

Jun 24 10 - 2:07pm

I wonder how this would apply to lesbian women.