American Apparel Is The New Talbots

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American Apparel Skirts and Lace

It looks like American Apparel is making a radical new style shift that leans more favorably towards high school villains from eighties teen movies than neon baby hooker. Cool I guess? But they also have an employee ban on tattoos, heavy facial hair and all indicators of "alternative lifestyles" or cocaine habits. Take a look at their new style book which some brave informant passed on to Gawker. (Seriously – Dov Charney threatened to sue the shit out of whomever’s been leaking their new hiring policies.)

What’s with the complete overhaul? A few ideas:

  • The brightly-colored workout outfit look can only go on for so long
  • AA is trying to legitimize its presence in fashion (by co-opting Ralph Lauren 1985, apparently)
  • Charney is trying to resurrect the corpse of Ronald Reagan
  • Charney wants to sleep with real models now
  • No one wants to see dudes’ pits anymore
  • Tennis skirts are always favorable
  • The badass/nerd dichotomy is getting too hard to pull off anymore, so they’ve just gone full nerd